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Our Story

Terrence and Victor met in design school. With a love for cycling and its culture, Terrence founded the Heavy Pedal in 2007. What started out as a cycling blog for Terrence turned into a cycling apparel brand with the help and design support of Victor. They both believe in the brand, designing and creating quality products for people who love this sport as much as they do.

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Terrence Murtagh


Terrence started The Heavy Pedal as a blog dedicated to his love for track bikes in 2009. You can still view the first version of this blog here. Terrence took the blog from a WordPress hosted site to a .com quickly after outgrowing the first platform. From there the plan was always to disrupt the status quo of the industry and pivot into new products. After a brief stint in manufacturing framesets, complete bikes, and carbon wheels, along with cycling apparel, Terrence decided that Heavy Pedal would continue with the product that they enjoyed producing the most— cycling apparel. Aside from cycling, Terrence is also the CEO of a web design and marketing agency and publishes a blog where he teaches people how to champion themselves and live rich lives.

Favorite Quote: "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." —Zig Ziglar

Victor Vasquez


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Jesse Schlaefer


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Our Approach

We design cycling apparel we would want to wear. Encouraging people to take their riding to the next level, we make spandex (let's face it) that looks good and pushes riders to improve. This means we focus not only on aesthetics, but on the details of the product. We are constantly improving and bringing new, cutting-edge designs to our collection. We use the best materials available to make cycling apparel that is comfortable, effective, and accessible for everyone.

We work with our customers directly. Cycling isn’t just a sport: it’s a community. We are cyclists and design with fervor for the sport and the lifestyle. Heavy Pedal aims to bring people into our community with apparel that they are excited to wear.

Supreme Attention To Detail

We sweat the small stuff. The fit and finish of the cycling apparel that we produce goes through a rigorous quality assurance before it ever touches a customers hands.

Tested By Cycling Professionals

The questions we got early on were about fit and quality of our apparel because our price-point as so reasonable. So, we put together a team of riders that traveled the world riding our kits in competition.

Podium Worthy Apparel

Our apparel, having been worn by our team as well as our awesome customers, has been atop the podium several times. Maybe you will be the next Heavy Pedal customer to go fast and stand tall.

Reactions We Are Striving For

“Some might call these riding jerseys and shorts loud – we just call them awesome.”

Molly Hurford, Bicycling.com

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