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Heavy Pedal

Faster By Design

Our Story

Hey, I'm Terrence Murtagh. I met my long-time friend and business partner, Victor Vasquez, in design school. With a love for cycling and its culture, I founded the Heavy Pedal in 2009 as a blog where I could talk about my love of cycling.

One day at school Victor came to me with the idea to design and print some shirts for the blog. It was on this day that Heavy Pedal as a product was born. People took to Victor's designs quickly and they continuously wanted more. The following was cult-like and we embraced it.

Fast forward a decade and Victor is still designing apparel that we would want to ride in. To our surprise, people keep buying it and they eagerly wait to see what's next. If you're one of those people, you're awesome. We exist because you exist and together we move the culture forward.

One day, through a group ride, we met Jesse Schlaefer. He's the newest member to join Heavy Pedal but he is an integral part of the brand as he handles daily operations. He answers all of your questions and ships out all of your packages. You will definitely work directly with him at some point and you'll see why we love him.

Our tagline is "Faster By Design." There isn't a technology-based or wind-tunnel tested background or any other hype related to our definition. We challenged the status quo and pushed the boundaries of what a cycling kit could/should look like. We still do.

This decision allowed people that thought cycling kits were boring ad placements to actually find a garment that fit their style and personality. Once you finally get over your fear of spandex and put on a cycling jersey and bib shorts you naturally start to take your riding more seriously. In time you get "Faster." All of this happens because of the "Design" that lured you into Heavy Pedal in the first place.

We invite you, if you haven't yet, to join us and become Faster By Design.

Terrence Murtagh


Terrence took a liking to bikes at a young age. One early memory was riding around the neighborhood. He saw a girl from school that he had a crush on. He tried to pop a wheelie and the front wheel kept rolling down the street. Murtagh came to a halt when the forks hit the ground, and soon after, he hit the ground as well. He had a bruised body and ego to match.

Terrence started Heavy Pedal as a blog dedicated to his love for bikes in 2009. You can still view the very first version of the blog here.

What started as a passion project for Murtagh turned into a brand and is now the disruptive cycling apparel company that you have grown to love.

Jesse Schlaefer


The first time Jesse hopped on two wheels as a child, he managed to run over the cat and crash into the dog. Although the pets may not have been fond of his new hobby, it was love at first pedal.

From that point on nothing has stopped Jesse from pursuing his passion of riding bicycles. Growing up riding BMX to eventually being introduced to track bikes from a friend on a LUX ride (Heavy Pedal Group Ride). At that point we couldn’t get rid of him as he quickly became part of the family from leading group rides, throwing races and eventually ditching his job at Vonage and joining Heavy Pedal full time.

Now Jesse is here to answer any of your questions and to make sure you receive the best customer service possible.

Our Approach

Heavy Pedal designs cycling apparel that makes people feel confident and comfortable. By doing this it encourages people to take their riding to the next level. We make spandex (let's face it) that looks good and pushes riders to improve. This means we focus not only on aesthetics, but on the features of the product that benefit our customers.

We are constantly improving and bringing new, cutting-edge designs to our collection. We use the best materials available to make cycling apparel that is comfortable, effective, and accessible for everyone.

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We work with our customers directly. Cycling isn’t just a sport: it’s a culture. We are cyclists and design with fervor for the sport and the lifestyle. Heavy Pedal aims to introduce people to the cycling community by designing apparel that makes them excited to wear because it suits their style and personality.

Supreme Attention To Detail

We sweat the small stuff. The fit and finish of the cycling apparel that we produce goes through a rigorous quality assurance test before it ever touches a customers hands. If we wouldn't feel confident and comfortable in it then we won't produce it.

Tested By Cycling Professionals

The questions we got early on were about fit and quality of our apparel because our price-point was so reasonable. So, we put together a team of riders that traveled the world riding our kits in competition. What was the result? They looked and felt awesome and they won, a lot.

Podium Worthy Apparel

Our apparel, having been worn by our team as well as our customers, has been atop the podium several times. Maybe you will be the next Heavy Pedal customer to go fast and stand proud. If that happens make sure we're the first to know about it.

Reactions We Are Striving For

“Some might call these riding jerseys and shorts loud – we just call them awesome.”

Molly Hurford,

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